Local Gender eQuality Training by WOMEN

On May 6 2024 Women organized its Local Gender Equality Training, as part of the Erasmus+ E-Quality Project. The training was organized thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality of Imola and its Equal Opportunities Commission.

In the wonderful venue of Imola city hall, Loretta Bertozzi and Virna Gioiellieri presented the five training modules of the project to the participants, who represent several municipalities and their institutions and expressions of civil society, such as local health care system, social services, and women’s associations.  The trainers covered all the topics the E-Quality project focuses on, presenting the modules elaborated by the Project Partners and tested in Thessaloniki on May 2023.

Given the wide spectrum of attendees, the five topics (gender medicine, gender violence, access to work and careers, valorisation of care work, and representation and empowerment of women in decision-making processes) resulted to be very interesting and the methodology adopted was well appreciated. Participants expressed their satisfaction with the training, showing interest in keep on working together on such an important goal, that is to promote local institution awareness on the topics and foster their capacity to address gender issues on a larger scale.

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