eQuality Platform


This is a platform designed to provide local administrations in Europe with tools to implement actions aimed at achieving gender equality: a database of good practices, a database of public equality laws, a collection of guidelines and a platform for training.

The project is organised in five macro-areas: (1) Violence and exploitation of women, (2) Access to employment, careers and equal pay, (3) Access to medical care and reproductive and sexual health, (4) Recognition and valorisation of care work, (5) Representation in decision-making processes and empowerment of women, and all documents and activities are grouped according to them.

Learning Platform


Guidelines for general and transversal actions to be implemented in municipal and institutions

The contents of the guidelines are subdivided into (1) General framework (European regulatory reference context), (2) Tool kit (set of resources, tools, and skills), (3) Guidelines, and (4) Recommendations for Municipalities and Public Bodies.