4th Transnational Partners’ Meeting in Paris France!

First, we reviewed the last meeting, which coincided with our LTTA (Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity). It brought together a number of municipal staff from our partner countries, and was a very positive event overall. We have taken on board feedback from participants to improve our material and content.

The agenda also included a wide range of discussions focusing on strategies and initiatives to promote gender equality, as well as the integration of good practices and public policies and laws collected by each partner country: Italy, France, Malta, Spain and Greece.

The next stage of the project was also discussed, with the organization of local training courses for municipal staff to test the material and platform currently under development. These local training courses aim to deepen knowledge and practice in the field of gender equality, providing tools and resources tailored to the needs of local authorities.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all participants for their presence, innovative ideas and unwavering commitment. Thanks to their contributions, this meeting has been particularly memorable and rich in constructive exchanges.

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