Law strengthening the fight against sexual and gender-based violence


The Law focusing on stepping up the fight against sexual and gender-based violence in FranceĀ  includes specific measures to counter violence against women. It broadens the definition of rape, including provisions to better protect victims as well as defending online harassment. The law introduces an age of consent of 15 years, reinforcing the protection of minors. Tougher penalties have been introduced for offenders, aimed at deterring and punishing acts of sexual violence. The statute of limitations for sexual offenses against minors has been extended, allowing for more effective justice. The law also puts the emphasis on prevention by strengthening education systems and improving the follow-up of perpetrators of sexual violence. Lastly, it introduces the offense of sexist contempt to punish so-called "street harassment", which includes behavior or comments with sexual or sexist connotations that undermine a person's dignity.