Law No. 53 of March 8, 2000 – “Provisions for the support of maternity and paternity, for the right to care and training and for the coordination of city time.”


Part of the law promotes a balance between work, care, training and relationship time by establishing parental leave and extending support to parents of disabled individuals. Parental leave is a period of optional abstention from work, granted to male and female workers to take care of their child in his or her first years of life and meet his or her emotional and relational needs. During this period of absence from work, male and female workers receive an economic allowance in lieu of employment income.  Dedicated to parental leave is Legislative Decree No. 151 of March 26, 2001 ("Consolidated text of legislative provisions on the protection and support of maternity and paternity, pursuant to Article 15 of Law No. 53 of March 8, 2000"), which regulates the leave, rest, and protection of workers related to maternity and paternity of natural, adopted and foster children, as well as economic support for maternity and paternity.