Law No. 3 of Jan. 11, 2018 – “Delegation of authority to the government on clinical trials of medicines as well as provisions for the reorganization of health professions and for health management in the Ministry of Health.”


Art. 3, Paragraph I of the law provides an implementation plan for the application and dissemination of Gender Medicine in the National Health Service (NHS), proposing to provide a coordinated and sustainable direction for the dissemination, training and provision of indications of health practices that in research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment take into account differences arising from gender, in order to ensure the quality and appropriateness of services provided by the NHS in a homogeneous manner throughout the country. The Plan is divided into two sections: the first provides the general framework. The second one specifies the objectives of the Plan, the governance strategy for its implementation, and the actions planned for implementation. The plan is divided into four areas of intervention: Area A) Clinical Pathways for Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment; Area B) Research and Innovation; Area C) Training and Continuing Education; and Area D) Communication and Information, also specifying the actors involved and the main indicators to be used for each action.