Law 4604/26.03.2019 – Promoting substantive gender equality, preventing and combating gender-based violence


The law introduces a new institutional framework aimed at promoting gender equality and eliminating discrimination against women. This framework is designed to address gender relations comprehensively, without treating women as a special category. It encompasses various aspects of law, including family and labor law, social security law, community directives, and international treaties ratified by the country.

Key provisions of the framework include the establishment of basic concepts, mechanisms, and agencies to achieve gender equality and the integration of the principle of equal treatment into public policies and private life. It also emphasizes the formation and organization of a network of permanent structures across the country to prevent and address violence against women, along with the creation of an integrated network of structures and services to provide support to female victims of gender-based violence.

Additionally, the framework involves the implementation of "Equality Plans" by public and private sector enterprises to promote gender equality and the recognition of organizations promoting equal treatment and opportunities with the "Equality Badge." It includes measures to prevent gender discrimination in administrative documents and sanctions for violations of equality principles and the use of sexist language in disciplinary actions.

Furthermore, the framework aims to promote women's participation in politics by increasing the percentage of female candidates in elections and integrate gender mainstreaming in education at all levels. It also emphasizes the integration of the gender dimension in health and social solidarity policies, provision of paid leave for employees undergoing medically assisted reproduction, and promotion of regulations in mass media and advertising to eliminate gender stereotypes and discrimination.

Overall, the text highlights comprehensive efforts to promote gender equality across various sectors of society, including legal, political, educational, health, and media domains.