SHARE – Promoting work-life balance in companies and a better sharing of care between men and women (EN)


The national priority, set by the recent national Law 4604/2019 on the promotion of substantive gender equality, defines that specific criteria should be developed by General Secretariat for Gender Equality for the launch of companies rewarding on the promotion of gender equality.

The proposed Project is planned taking into consideration the above mentioned national priority, as well as the European Commission Strategic Engagement for Gender Equality (2016-2019) and specifically the initiative on work-life balance.



Tackling traditional gender family roles and promoting reconciliation of work and private life, emphasizing in companies’ working environments, by taking into consideration the relevant European and national priorities and by developing complimentary activities that approach the field in a multi-dimensional and multifaceted way.


Companies, organizations, institutions.

Description of the policy / project

Project’s main objectives include:

  • engaging companies to apply gender sensitive interventions for the reconciliation of work and private life

  • promoting knowledge sharing on good practices and initiatives on the field

  • contributing in the development of methodology for the establishment of companies’ Label on Gender Equality (process, criteria and evaluation)

  • raising awareness on the importance of work-life balance with special focus in the role of men, and

highlighting the benefits arising from family friendly working conditions and work-life balance initiatives both for employers and employees.


SHARE Project includes the following activities:

Exchange of knowledge through a Workshop of Good Practices and the identification of good practices and procedures regarding the awarding of the Gender Equality Sign in the international context. The development of an applicable methodological framework is planned for the evaluation and awarding of the Gender Equality Label to companies that promote work-life balance, focusing on the equal sharing of care responsibilities between men and women. The development of this methodology was achieved through 3 Consultation Workshops, organized by GSFPGE with the following interested parties:


  • 1st Laboratory: Ministry of Labor, Ombudsman, social partners

  • 2nd Laboratory: Certification companies, academics and civil society

  • 3rd Workshop: all the above participants

a. Launch of the labeling procedure, b. Development of gender training material for company actors, c. Capacity building seminars and activities for company actors, d. Pilot implementation, monitoring and evaluation of companies’ initiatives.

Raising awareness, challenging behavioral patterns and highlighting the importance of shared care responsibilities.


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