Promotion of co-responsibility in care work and its importance (EN)


Care work in Andalusia falls disproportionately on women, generating gender inequalities in time, opportunities and social participation.


This module proposes the development of a comprehensive programme to promote co-responsibility in care work between men and women.


    • Andalusian families.
    • Men and women of all ages.
    • Professionals in the field of equality and work-life balance.

Description of the policy / project

The programme includes the following actions:
    • Awareness-raising campaigns: Campaigns will be carried out to raise awareness in society of the importance of co-responsibility in care work and to promote a more equitable distribution between men and women.
    • Measures to reconcile work and family life: The range of public childcare and elderly care services will be extended, and flexible working hours and equal and non-transferable parental leave will be promoted.

    • Training and support for families: Training and support programmes will be offered to families to facilitate the organisation and sharing of care work in the home.
    • Involvement of the private sector: Co-responsibility in the business sphere will be promoted through measures such as equality plans and care time allowances.

Overcame obstacle

    • Cultural resistance to traditional gender roles.
    • Difficulties in reconciling work and family life.
    • Lack of co-responsibility on the part of men.