Family Planning (EN)


How can I access information, services and support to make informed decisions about my sexual and reproductive health, while maintaining my confidentiality and autonomy?


"Le planning familial" offers confidential, educational and comprehensive access to sexual and reproductive health services, enabling everyone to make informed and autonomous decisions.


“Planning familial” is for everyone. Often these are young people, teenagers and young adults, but also couples, people in economically precarious situations, LGBTQ+ people.
Individuals seeking advice, information or services related to sexual and reproductive health. These individuals actively seek help and support from family planning centres to meet their needs in terms of contraception, sexual health education, pregnancy-related concerns, STI prevention, abortion and overall reproductive health.

Description of the policy / project

"Planning Familial"  in France represents a network of associations and health centres working in the field of sexual and reproductive health. This project aims to provide equitable access to quality services in the areas of contraception, sex education, STI prevention, support for parenthood and access to abortion, while respecting confidentiality. The policy is also committed to promoting the autonomy of individuals in managing their sexual health, while emphasising inclusiveness, education and non-judgemental support.

Consultations are free for everyone.
Medical consultations, examinations, STI treatments and contraceptives are free for minors and those not covered by social security. Third-party payment for all others.
For adults: third-party payment is applied, you prepay the part not covered by national health insurance and you are reimbursed if you have complementary health insurance. If you are under 26, contraception consultations are reimbursed at 100% once a year.
Regarding abortion:
Voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVP) and all related examinations are covered at 100% by the French social security system.


Planning Familial is an organisation funded by the State and various local authorities to the tune of 2.8 million euros a year. In other words, it is financed by the taxpayer.

Overcame obstacle

The taboos and social stigma surrounding discussions of sexual health and reproductive rights. Funding constraints and policy changes.