Plan for Equity 2022-2024 (EN)


Health Inequalities


Ensure adequate levels of training and continuing education of all medical and health personnel on Gender Medicine:  

- Build, validate, and use tools dedicated to training in Gender Medicine that are effective and replicable
- Promote awareness about gender differences in health care in order to transfer acquired knowledge and skills into professional activities
- To make health professionals aware and competent of the impact of the gender dimension on the concept of health, illness, and mental and physical well-being
- Improve listening skills on issues of gender identity and sexual orientation; from normocentrism to living with differences
- Ongoing theoretical and practical training for care staff


Social marginality in general, female patients/users, and LGBTQIA+ subjectivities.

Description of the policy / project

The purpose of the Three-Year Plan Equity and Respect for Differences is: 1) provide a systematic overview of socio-economic inequalities and their effects on citizens' health, with a particular focus on barriers, including intangible ones, to access to care; 2) plan the main actions to counter these inequalities in citizens' health co-designed with the involvement of the referents of all organizational articulations of the Azienda Usl di Ferrara; 3) use at least one equity assessment tool on the main social vulnerabilities of the reference population of its corporate territory, also with reference to the Regional Prevention Plan and Regional Law no. 19/2018; 4) ensure the activation of at least one training initiative on gender medicine and equity with the participation of operators including contracted physicians; 5) promote equal opportunities and enhance gender, intergenerational, and intercultural differences for a more inclusive society, in which differences are considered a resource to be valued, and prevent phenomena of sexism, violence, racism, and homophobia.

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