Painful periods (EN)


Painful menstruation affects a large percentage of women and can significantly interfere with their quality of life.


Implement a comprehensive programme to address painful menstruation.


This programme can be implemented nationwide, with a special focus on rural and under-resourced areas.

    • Women suffering from painful menstruation.
    • Health professionals.
    • Educational personnel.
    • Public and private institutions.
    • Community in general.

Description of the policy / project

    • Information and awareness campaigns: Disseminate accurate information about menstruation through different channels, including the media, schools, health centers and social media.
    • Training for health professionals: Provide specialised training for doctors, nurses, gynaecologists and other health professionals on the diagnosis and treatment of painful menstruation.
    • Creation of specialised centers: Implement comprehensive care centers for painful menstruation, where women can receive specialised medical care, emotional support and resources.
    • Research funding: Allocate resources for research into painful menstruation and its causes.
    • Subsidise products and services: Provide financial support for women to access menstrual health products and services.

Overcame obstacle

    • Lack of knowledge about menstruation and its effects on health.
    • Taboos and social stigma around menstruation.
    • Difficulties in accessing specialised medical care.
    • Lack of support and resources for women suffering from painful menstruation.