Interventions aimed at taking charge of women victims of violence and discrimination at work in implementation of DGR 5080/2021 (EN)


The Project was born both from the critical issues that emerged in some territories due to the lack of privileged interlocutors within the CPI for sending women in charge of anti-violence centres, and from some cases that reached the offices of the Equality Councillors.


The Project involves the implementation, at the employment centers of the Province of Varese, of interventions aimed at taking care of women who are victims of violence and discrimination at work, of supporting female employment for the recovery of full autonomy in terms of economic and working environment and for the promotion of gender equality in the world of work in implementation of DGR 5080/2021 (the initiative is promoted by the Lombardy Region - DG Family). The Lombardy Region with decree n. 14059 of 21 October 2021 distributed the resources among the Lombardy provinces.


employment centres

Description of the policy / project

The Project is aimed at training and strengthening the skills of employment center staff, so that they are able to adequately welcome women sent by anti-violence centres, but at the same time are able to identify and recognize signs of violence and discrimination suffered in the workplace which may be the basis of a spontaneous request to search for or change jobs.

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