Fete: Women Equality Employment (EN)


How can we combat discrimination based on gender and origin while promoting equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace, tackling retraining, gender diversity in the workplace and the integration of women from immigrant backgrounds, while actively raising awareness of these issues in companies and schools?


Fete is firmly committed to eradicating discrimination and promoting equal opportunities in the workplace. To achieve this goal, FETE deploys a range of innovative strategies. Firstly, it initiates awareness-raising programmes through schools, companies and institutions, aimed at dismantling gender stereotypes and raising awareness of the richness brought about by cultural diversity. At the same time, FETE offers individualised support and tailored training to help women, particularly those from culturally diverse backgrounds, retrain for jobs in traditionally male-dominated professions. In addition, the association actively encourages gender diversity in the workplace by launching initiatives to attract and retain women in sectors where they are under-represented, thereby promoting their integration. Finally, FETE works closely with companies, institutions and organisations to put in place policies and practices conducive to equal opportunities, while advocating large-scale change. These concrete efforts reflect FETE's ongoing commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive society.


It is aimed at jobseekers, particularly women. The association also works with employers, human resources and businesses in general to raise awareness, provide training and prevent sexist and sexual violence in the workplace. The association also targets young people. It aims to raise awareness and educate young people from an early age about the challenges of professional equality, thereby helping to break down gender stereotypes right from the start of their education.
FETE is specifically aimed at women who are looking for work or who want to change careers. FETE targets human resources managers, company directors, executives and employers in general to raise awareness and provide training on issues of professional equality and the prevention of gender-based and sexual violence in the workplace, in primary schools, secondary schools, universities and vocational training centres. It reaches out to students, teachers, guidance counsellors and educational managers to integrate programmes and raise awareness of equal opportunities from the earliest stages of education.

Description of the policy / project

The FETE association was founded in 1991

FETE's project aims to promote equality and gender diversity in the workplace through various initiatives and programmes. These include awareness-raising, training and the prevention of gender-based and sexual violence in the workplace. FETE works with companies, educational establishments and job seekers to create more inclusive working environments. The association develops educational tools, training and interactive events aimed at breaking down gender stereotypes, encouraging the diversification of career choices, and offering specific support to women wishing to enter traditionally male professions. Its overall aim is to create a respectful and egalitarian work culture, promoting equitable career paths for all, regardless of gender.

FETE offers a diverse range of programmes and activities to raise awareness, provide training and prevent gender-based and sexual violence in the workplace. The costs associated with these initiatives vary according to the services offered. For example, the cartoon exhibition on violence in the workplace costs 150 euros.
Training courses, such as the one on the principles of preventing gender-based and sexual violence, are offered at specific rates per session.

COSTS: This association is funded by solidarity financing from France Active, a network of 41 local structures throughout France.
France Active is the leading financier of solidarity-based businesses in France.

Overcame obstacle

To achieve its objectives, it has to overcome several major obstacles. First of all, FETE is tackling deeply rooted gender stereotypes in society, seeking to break down the prejudices associated with certain professions considered to be exclusively male or female. In addition, it must confront the persistent cultural resistance that maintains these gender barriers in companies and educational institutions. Women's access to under-represented positions and their retraining in traditionally male-dominated fields are also major challenges. At the same time, FETE is focusing its efforts on awareness-raising and training, aimed at effectively educating key players about the importance of equal opportunities and professional diversity. Finally, it must navigate through the resistance to change within companies to encourage the adoption of more inclusive practices. To overcome these obstacles, FETE adopts a multidimensional approach, based on hard-hitting awareness-raising programmes, strategic partnerships with companies and educational institutions, and constant perseverance in transforming mentalities and professional practices.