Association Elles aussi (EN)


How can we tackle the issue of the under-representation of women in political and decision-making spheres in France?


The association "Elles aussi" is responding to the problem of the under-representation of women in political and decision-making spheres in France through concrete initiatives. It offers training, mentoring and support programmes to women candidates in various elections, helping them to develop their leadership and political communication skills. At the same time, the association lobbies for more inclusive public policies, encouraging greater female representation. By raising awareness of gender equality issues among the general public, "Elles aussi" aims to create an environment conducive to greater participation and representation of women in French politics and decision-making.


Women who want to get involved in politics or decision-making bodies.

Description of the policy / project

The association aims to encourage, support and train women to take an active part in political life and decision-making. By focusing its efforts on women wishing to become involved in these areas, the association seeks to strengthen their representation and participation within these bodies.
"Elles aussi" works to promote women's participation in politics by offering training, mentoring and support programmes specifically designed for female candidates. It aims to increase female representation in decision-making spheres by raising awareness of the importance of gender equality and advocating inclusive public policies. By focusing on building leadership skills and creating an enabling environment, the association aims to remove the barriers to women's full participation in French political life.  Its ultimate goal is to ensure balanced and diverse representation in the country's decision-making bodies.

The 'Elles aussi' association offers a minimum membership fee of €30, giving members the option of joining one of its branches or participating individually. This is the basic membership fee for supporting initiatives to promote women's financial independence. In addition to the membership fee, members can make additional donations to support the association's activities. The funds raised are used for a variety of activities, including running costs to ensure smooth operations, funding specific projects dedicated to women's economic empowerment, and other initiatives aimed at reducing gender inequality.

Elles aussi" is based in Paris, but "Elles aussi" is a pluralist network of women's associations from a wide variety of backgrounds, with both national and regional reach. These associations are located in the following regions: Rhône
Nord, Pas de Calais, Yvelines, Loiret, Brittany and Occitanie.

Overcame obstacle

Gender stereotypes persist, limiting women's opportunities and influencing role expectations. The lack of female role models in leadership positions complicates the identification of women aspiring to a political career. Institutional barriers, sometimes unfavourable to parity, also restrict their access to decision-making bodies. In addition, family responsibilities and social expectations can hinder their political commitment. Finally, difficulties in accessing funding and political networks represent major challenges for women candidates, contributing to the persistence of these obstacles to balanced representation in politics.