Addressing Gender Violence: Strengthening the Care Network and Protection Measures (EN)


The existence of various forms of violence against women, beyond physical violence. The lack of coordination between care services, the difficulty in accessing justice and insufficient protection measures are obstacles to the eradication of this violence.


Carry out a comprehensive approach to tackle male violence, thus strengthening the network of care and protection measures for victims.


-  Victims of male violence.
- Professionals from victim care services (psychologists, social workers, lawyers, police, health personnel).
- Competent public institutions (Ministry of Equality, autonomous communities, city councils, judiciary).

Description of the policy / project

-  Reinforcement and expansion of specialised services for victims of male violence.
- Development of coordinated action protocols between the different care services (police, health, legal, social).
- Implementation of a system for monitoring and evaluation of protection measures.
-  Training of the staff of the institutions involved in the detection, care and protection of victims.
- Development and implementation of prevention and awareness-raising programmes aimed at the general population and specific groups at risk.
-  Information campaigns to publicise the resources available to victims of male violence.

Overcame obstacle

- Lack of coordination between institutions.
- Difficulty in accessing justice.
- Insufficient protection measures.
- Lack of specialised training of personnel.