Action Plan for Gender Equality Offices in Trade Unions 2012-2015 for the Promotion and Strengthening of Women’s Participation in Trade Unions and their Representation Bodies (EN)


The goal of equal participation of women in decision-making centers at every level will remain a mere letter as long as the majority of women are unemployed, underemployed, uninsured, burdened with multiple roles. Therefore, there is a constant need for actions in favor of women. The role and collective action of trade unions in implementing targeted actions for women are crucial, especially in an era when leveling policies for workers' rights are being imposed, intensifying discrimination and inequalities against women.


The development of actions to promote the participation of women in trade unions and their representative bodies.


The actions are directed towards:

  • Women who are already elected in the elective bodies of trade union organizations at all levels.

  • Women who are not elected but actively participate as candidates in previous elections of the unions and wish to continue their trade union activities, as well as promote their participation in the elective bodies of their trade union organizations.

  • Women who are not elected but are active in trade union organizations and desire to continue their participation and promotion in the elective bodies of their trade union organizations.

Women who wish to actively participate in trade union organizations.


Description of the policy / project

The purpose of this Action Plan is to implement initiatives aimed at enhancing and expanding the participatory opportunities for female workers. It seeks to upgrade their skills and knowledge, empower them personally, and provide support. The ultimate goal is to promote and ensure their active involvement in leadership positions within trade union organizations at all levels and types. This includes primary unions (sectoral, operational, professional), secondary organizations (Labor Centers and Federations), and the tertiary level of their representation, namely the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE).


Α. General Actions:

  1. Recording and monitoring women's participation

  2. Training actions for women

  3. Actions to strengthen women's participatory, advocacy, and negotiating skills

  4. Budget and action plan reports

Β. Specific Actions:


  1. Central Equality Structure of GSEE

  2. Equality Structures of Secondary Organizations

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